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Angel Diaz De Miguel

How did I get into touring? I decided to do it for one season only but it caught me, day by day, without noticing. I fell in love with the job, the places and more importantly the people - their faces, their feelings arriving in new places, the sharing experiences. That was 2005!

My Interests

I like helping customers to try and learn a bit of the language of the country they are visiting because it always brings a smile! I want them to try the food and the drinks, go to markets, sit in a square and see how the locals live on a normal day.

Holiday Advice

Always have handy a jacket or raincoat or never know when the weather is going to change!


Whilst I am not traveling my favourite thing to do is enjoy my nice apartment in the centre of Madrid. I also like going to the movies, having dinner with my friends, the gym and running along Castellana Avenue - rain or shine! I enjoy my new hobby: “Ashtanga Yoga”. I never thought I would like it but I love to get up early for my one hour class to learn new positions and improve my breathing!

Favourite Tours

There are cities like Oporto with the beautiful river Douro and the view from the boat of all those old buildings full of character: Lisbon with the stunning view from the Castle of St. George at sunset; Sevilla and all its magnificent buildings from the age of discovery.  And Madrid, my birthplace and the most exciting city, alongside London and New York.

Angel Diaz De Miguel's Blog

Spain & Portugal 28 Nov 2011

I am on my last tour for the season and it is my favourite tour around Spain & Portugal. Although it is already winter, we are having wonderful weather. The drive to Ronda has been great, through the beautiful "Serranía de Ronda" was the icing on the cake: the beautiful white town with its palaces and the great view from the New Bridge (new from...the 18 century) over the gorge of the river Tajo. I have had a great day, more blogs to come.

Angel Diaz De Miguel's Blog 27 Oct 2011

After finishing a tour around Spain, Portugal and Morocco with an exceptional group of people, here I am starting a new tour around Spain and Portugal which is beautiful and I always enjoy it since we go to most of the places I love. We are now in Granada and because the group was more than on time and with good pace we’ve managed to arrive at our hotel by 4pm which has given them the option to discover the historical centre before their dinner.

I’m very proud of them since they follow my advice and after dinner I could see some of them going to the "Mirador de San Nicolas", a sort of balcony with an outstanding view of the Alhambra, the Arab fortress, by night. Some others chill out in the bars around mixing with locals and getting the real flavour of the city having a nice glass of Sangria, the red wine with rum, fruit, sugar, cinnamon and...the rest is a secret, they never give you the full recipe or the proportion of alcohol. I have done most of my paperwork for today so...let’s get ready for tomorrow, a very nice drive to Malaga after visiting the Alhambra...26 degrees, the Mediterranean, the fried fish......fancy joining us?"

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