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Scott Dworkin

Soon after graduating with a master’s degree in social work from Temple University in Philadelphia, known in the USA as the ‘people profession’, I was bit by the travel bug!  It was on one of my first long flights out of the country that I came into contact with a tour director who was hard at work getting a group through customs at the airport.  He told me about a school in San Francisco called the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) and also recommended a movie called “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium”.  I saw this very funny and moving film, graduated from ITMI and soon after went to work with the Globus Family of Brands.  I have always enjoyed travel and exploring all of what the world has to offer.  In my ten plus years of working with Globus I have come to understand and appreciate how special some of these adventures can be when experienced together as a group.

My Interests

I have a passion for US history and learning all about what has made North America a wonderful place to visit.  I consider myself an ambassador of my country and make every effort to find out what our passengers particular interests might be on this adventure that we are sharing together.  I love to travel and when our passengers ask what I do when I am not leading a tour or where I like to go on vacation, I often answer by saying that I like to go home!  Although I do value my time at home when I am not leading a tour, in reality I am always planning the next trip to somewhere new and different.

Holiday Advice

Don’t be shy and ask lots of questions!  I am very proud to be a part of a team of tour directors who are very skilled at helping people focus on what they are interested in on any particular journey.  Ask lots of questions and take full advantage of the professional tour directors that will be with you every step of the way on each and every journey with the Globus Family of Brands.


I have an interest in photography, baseball, American football, ultimate Frisbee, hiking, camping, collecting stamps, American history and politics.

Favourite Tours

I have been fortunate to lead tours on the east and west coasts of the United States & Canada and into many of our National Parks.  Because of my passion for American history, I always enjoy leading the Globus AH tour, which is called “America’s Historic East”.  However, my two favorite tours are the “Trans American Adventure” and one of our newest tours, “Hollywood to the American South”.  There is so much to see and experience on either of these three-week adventures, and spending this much time with one group of hearty travelers is truly memorable!

Scott Dworkin's Blog

Eastern Canada and USA 13 Jun 2013

Our passengers seemed to enjoy the first tour in the series this season, even though it can still be quite cold this time of year on the east coast of the US and Canada.  The drive from Boston to Quebec was very 'snowy' which made for some beautiful scenery along the way in Franconia Notch and was also quite interesting for some of our Australian friends who had never seen snow before! While we were in Niagara Falls everyone had a good time on the included excursion called ‘Journey Behind the Falls’ at this special time of year when there is still ice in the Niagara River.

Another special experience on this tour was the time spent visiting an Amish family as part of our orientation tour in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  During this visit we were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the woodworking shop on their farm and also an up-close look at the miniature horses, including the new addition to the family who was born just three weeks ago.

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