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Northern Europe

Folklore and fjords

Discover colourful histories of old kingdoms in strange and exciting landscapes, and elegant Scandinavian cities of grand cathedrals and old quarters. Experience nature at its rawest amongst the columns of the Giants Causeway in Ireland, the sea spray in your face whipped in off the Atlantic, and at the crashing Gullfoss cascades in Iceland; this is a bizarre and beguiling land of volcanic rocks that hiss and bubble, and fairy-tale castles perched on glistening seascapes. And for all its icy exteriors and low suns, there’s always a warm welcome in the snowy wilds of Lapland, in the bars of Dublin’s O’Connell St, and in Tallinn on the Baltic Sea, as you wander medieval merchant houses, and pass the time with friendly locals in its cafes and coffee shops.

Wild nature and old town charm

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